Nutrition-Part 2 Healthy Choices

I am sure that most of you are on Facebook which means most of you have probably seen a post or two lately about making smart food choices-not fast, cheap, fried, or convenient.  In today’s day and age making smart food choices is getting much more difficult.    I must admit that I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to indulging in poor choices from time to time.  And when I do, my body reacts negatively.  As both an athlete and a parent, I try to make smart food choices to keep my body strong and healthy and to be a role model for my little squirts.  Like I have mentioned before, I am no nutrition expert, but common sense along with research shows that processed foods, fried foods, fast foods, and junk food are bad!!!  With that being, what should a person be eating?  I live by a simple rule, fruits, veggies, lean proteins like chicken and fish, low carbs, and lots of water.  I must say, I am a bit of a proud mom of my son, not only will he experiment with different foods, the picture below shows what he requested for lunch the other day.  I only wish more adults and kids ate this healthy.  Not to say he does not make poor choices (he has a sweet tooth like me 🙂

I am not here to push products, but one thing that I have found not only helps me and my kids to make healthier choices, but has also helped  to stay healthier is Juice Plus.  I have always been a fan of smoothies, protein shakes, and juicing so this product is like a combo of all three giving me my essential vitamins, daily balance of whole fruits and veggies, and curbs my sweet tooth.  If anyone is interested in learning more, please let me know.

So to sum up what everyone should be doing:

  • Whole fruits and veggies
  • Lean protein
  • Low to moderate carbs
  • Greek yogurt/almond milk
  • Water, water, water

What to avoid:

  • Fast food
  • Fried food
  • Processed/boxed meals
  • Refined sugars
  • High fat
  • Regular and diet soda

So do me a favor and take a look in your fridge and food pantry.  See how much unhealthy food you have, purge it and start over with some clean and healthy food!   Starting over is hard at first, but it is a huge step to giving yourself and your family a healthy lifestyle.

Lunch of choice for my 6 year old!!

Lunch of choice for my 6 year old!!



About Flatlander Tri Coaching

Welcome to my page. My name is Heather Dall and I am a Certified Triathlon Coach located in Omaha, NE. I work out of Prairie Life Fitness (132nd location) and provide triathlon coaching, knowledge, experience, and expertise to those looking to get into triathlons to the seasoned veteran looking to improve performance. Along with being a triathlon coach and athlete, I also manage a local Trek Bicycle Store. There is nothing better than being able to be in a passion industry and share my love of the sport. I am an endurance junkie who got into competitive racing back in 2000. I started off racing mountain bikes, taking the podium numerous times. Then the kids came along and I took some time off to raise the squirts. Back in 2009 my friend suckered me into a mini tri and really the rest is history. I have been doing triathlons ever since, usually about 4-6 triathlons per season-primarily Olympic and X-Terra, plus 10K races, off-road runs, charity bike rides, and the occasional bike race. My background prior to triathlons, is tennis. I grew up playing on the courts in Northern California with the goal to play in college. I did accomplish my goal and was a walk-on at Creighton University. Long story short, while working part-time at Prairie Life Fitness in 2008, I was asked to start a tennis program for youth and adults. I still run the program and coach tennis year round. And with my connections at my gym, I had the opportunity to co-teach a 12 week triathlon training program for about 20 ladies spring 2011. They primarily trained for the Omaha Women’s Tri with a few going on to race later in the season. The group was a huge success and is the main reason I studied to become a triathlon coach. I love helping people to achieve their goals, make new strides, and spread my wealth of knowledge on to other like-minded individuals. Along with coaching, I am a distributor for Juice+ For those looking to add more fruits and veggies to their diet and make smarter nutrition choices, check out my site:

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