Slice of Humble Pie

Midwest Cycling

This is a very familiar site when I hit the road bike in the Midwest. Picture it: bumpy rolling hills, farms, livestock, country bumpkins, dust and gravel, rude semi drivers, road kill…but the one thing I probably dislike the most is 30+ mph winds. After today, I was reminded once again why I have such a love/hate relationship with wind.
I need to tell myself that I have not been on the road bike since last October-the indoor trainer and spinning bike is just not quite the same. But one of my rock star triathlon clients really wanted to get in a solid 32 mile ride today since weather was forecasted to be great and how could I say no. Thank goodness for planning. I made sure to watch the wind direction this morning so we could ride into the wind first then have a pleasant ride home. That was definitely success, but even knowing it was windy was not enough for my body. I am beat up. Lungs are sore, lips are chapped, legs are tired, neck is stiff from having to crouch down. I sometimes wonder why I do this to myself, but I could never quit riding. Of all three triathlon disciplines, cycling is my baby. But today was not my day 😦 I am not a whiner, so rather than whine, this is a learning experience.
Many people ask what the trick is to ride with wind. Part of it is sucking it up and just dealing with it. Key is to stay tucked, power through it, lean into the wind when battling cross winds, and always ride into the wind first so the ride home can be about double as fast. I cannot say that most folks love wind, but it does make you a stronger cyclist as an end result.
So for those that are lucky enough like me to fight the wind on a regular basis, use it as a training tool and rather than whine, be humbled by it.
And be safe, I have seen wind knock over even the best cyclists from time to time!


About Flatlander Tri Coaching

Welcome to my page. My name is Heather Dall and I am a Certified Triathlon Coach located in Omaha, NE. I work out of Prairie Life Fitness (132nd location) and provide triathlon coaching, knowledge, experience, and expertise to those looking to get into triathlons to the seasoned veteran looking to improve performance. Along with being a triathlon coach and athlete, I also manage a local Trek Bicycle Store. There is nothing better than being able to be in a passion industry and share my love of the sport. I am an endurance junkie who got into competitive racing back in 2000. I started off racing mountain bikes, taking the podium numerous times. Then the kids came along and I took some time off to raise the squirts. Back in 2009 my friend suckered me into a mini tri and really the rest is history. I have been doing triathlons ever since, usually about 4-6 triathlons per season-primarily Olympic and X-Terra, plus 10K races, off-road runs, charity bike rides, and the occasional bike race. My background prior to triathlons, is tennis. I grew up playing on the courts in Northern California with the goal to play in college. I did accomplish my goal and was a walk-on at Creighton University. Long story short, while working part-time at Prairie Life Fitness in 2008, I was asked to start a tennis program for youth and adults. I still run the program and coach tennis year round. And with my connections at my gym, I had the opportunity to co-teach a 12 week triathlon training program for about 20 ladies spring 2011. They primarily trained for the Omaha Women’s Tri with a few going on to race later in the season. The group was a huge success and is the main reason I studied to become a triathlon coach. I love helping people to achieve their goals, make new strides, and spread my wealth of knowledge on to other like-minded individuals. Along with coaching, I am a distributor for Juice+ For those looking to add more fruits and veggies to their diet and make smarter nutrition choices, check out my site:

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