Goodbye 2013, bring on 2014

2013 was a bit of chaos for me.  I had an awesome spring training season and then all went to hell when I had my bike crash the first week of June.  So much for triathlons, bike races, tennis, or competing in any aspect…But being injured gave me time to learn about myself and make positive changes both mentally and physically. Time away from training also allowed me to help other progress in their training.  My coaching career is really taking off and I proud of all that have helped to make it a reality.  If I had spent the whole season racing, I would not have been able to help my clients out as much as I did.  I am proud of each and every one of you!

I feel it only necessary to thank the sponsors that have allowed me to be an Ambassador for them, even while injured.  One part of my coaching job that I love it being able to sample out products and promoting to my clients.  I have always felt that those involved in the sport are the best to test out the product.  And probably my favorite thing about almost all of these brands, they are made in America!!!!

Junk Brands has been awesome.  Not only do I have a rainbow of bands, they sponsored my Market to Market running relay team this past October that goes from Omaha to Lincoln.  We all looked super spiffy in our fun custom Junk shirts and fancy headbands.   And I am proud to say that my gym is one of only two places in Omaha selling Junk Brands.  If you have not given them a try, I highly, highly recommend. They catch the sweat, fit great, feel great, and look amazing.

Junk Market To Market

I just started working with a relatively new company Vitality Sciences. By far, this nutrition is the best I have found, and I have tried a lot! Concept is pretty simple: 
Train Harder:
Push your limits without the burn
Ever hit the wall? Not anymore. Myothon’s amino acid formula has been proven to buffer lactic acid by over 1500% so you can give it 110% when it counts.
Recover Faster:
Stop soreness after your hardest workouts
Wake up with fresh muscles and a clear head. Myothon’s complete essential amino acid profile includes the building blocks to repair body AND mind, even after your toughest workouts.
Perform Better:
Give 100% without overtraining
Outwork your competition with confidence. Join the all-Americans, world record holders and others that are using Myothon to reach the next level
For anyone interested in trying the product:

And what could be better than getting hooked up with one of my favorite brands of socks? Thank you Swiftwick for supporting me as a coach and athlete. I LOVE these socks, especially my Aspire Zero. If you love tight fitting, compression, moisture wicking socks, look no further. I have numerous pairs of socks in various heights, Zero (below the ankle) being my favorite, recycled material socks, wool socks, and even compression sleeves. I wear these all the time and when I race, they are my go to brand. I have been blister free for over a year.

 Here is a pic of me sporting my Swiftwick!swiftwick 2


Calling all running ladies, there is a new company to gear you up for your runs, Swirlgear!  It is a relatively small company, but makes great running products, primary shirts, shorts, and jackets.  They are still growing, but are great to work with.  They have fun live chats on Twitter, send out great monthly emails, promote races throughout the country, and care about all of us female runners from pro to novice.  If you have not checked out their site or do not follow on Twitter or Facebook, take the time to.


Many folks are not aware of Hookit, but it is the place for endurance and extreme athletes to showcase their talents, races, pics, network, and get hooked up with some discount sponsorships from various companies. I was able to get “hooked up” with both Rudy Project and Ride Live Be through this site. Rudy Project makes amazing sunglasses and helmets primarily. I have yet to try one of their helmets, but have a pair of prescription sunglasses I use for the road bike and they are fantastic. I have never seen such a durable product in my life.  And Ride Live Be makes some really cool fun clothing and accessories that are great when I am on the mtn. bike or just hitting the gym.  They were also an awesome company to work with in 2012 for my Market to Market team Relay.  My favorite saying that they have is: Train Insane or Just Stay the Same!







This is not my complete list of sponsors and I am hoping to gain a few in the next few months, but those listed I work with most regularly. I felt it was only necessary to give my sponsors a shout out since they are a part of my triathlon life both as a coach and athlete.

As for 2014, I am not sure what the year will bring. A super old injury from 2002 is causing me lots of back issues, so first things first, get the pain resolved. My elbow luckily is all healed up so I plan to hit the pool a lot, ride as much as possible, and do what I can with the running. My tentative race schedule is as follows:
Leprechaun Chase 10K
Omaha Duathlon
Wall Lake Sprint
X-Terra BOLT
Columbus Duathlon
Wabash Trace Half Marathon
HyVee Triathlon
Austin 70.3
Cornhusker State Games
The big one for the year will be my first 70.3. One of my awesome clients asked me to do a 70.3 with him and this is the one he picked. It will be quite an adventure, but I am excited for the challenge. Along with my race goals, I am excited for a new training season with my clients. Most of them will be training for the Race Omaha series, Omaha Women’s and the Omaha Triathlon. And I am proud to say, most of us will be sporting some custom Prairie Life Fitness tri gear designed by Primal Wear.
Tri gear


So time to say farewell to 2013 and bring on 2014. And I have a good feeling about this year…

Flatlander Tri Coach, Heather


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