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4th Annual Team Triathlon Training

I am pleased to announce that back by popular demand for a 4th season will  be the triathlon training group I have helped co-train for the past 3 seasons. We are expecting a huge turnout this year and would absolutely love to get some fresh faces.  We are fun, energetic, supportive, strong, active, encouraging, and empowering individuals that create an awesome team environment.  We are also teaming up with some awesome local businesses and products to provide a great experience for every athlete.  And of course, all skills levels are welcome (from the beginner with no swim experience to the podium finisher).  So come one, come all!



12 Week Program

March 19th-June 7th, leading up to the Omaha Women’s Triathlon

Location: Prairie Life Fitness (132nd/Center St) Omaha, NE

Group Class times: Thursday 9:30am or 6:00 pm

Group activity on Saturday and/or Sunday each week

Cost:  $150 members /$175 non-members

Led by:

Heather Dall – Certified Triathlon Coach

Stacy Houck –  Certified Personal Trainer

For inquiries, either post here, or shoot me a message at

Omaha Women's 2014


Goodbye 2013, bring on 2014

5 Off Season Rules

For those that have not seen this in Triathlete Mag, the info is fabulous. I recently posted my top fun things to do off season, this list is the pertinent list. For anyone who is a triathlete, take a moment to read the article. Good Read!

“I am injured, I am an Ironman”

I do not have a ton to report right now, so felt the need to share some humor I stumbled across. This video is a classic. Even though I do not do longer distance triathlons, the conversation is still similar to one I would have with a non-triathlete. I challenge you to not laugh (and pardon the tid bit of profanity).
Happy Tuesday!

Top 5 Off-Season Activities

My personal top 5 Off-season fitness activities:

Off-season is a time to take a break from a long training, racing, and competition.  Our bodies are beat down, need a break, and a change of environment.  Here is my go to list of fitness activities to keep you in shape, but give your muscles and mind a break from the daily training routine.

#1 Yoga/Pilates: Many folks neglect this part of training (shame on you).  It is key component to help engage your core, stretch, lengthen, and relax the body.  I try to make this part of my training year round, but really try to do various classes 1-2 times per week in my off season.  I am lucky enough to have classes offered at my gym for free, but in any major city there are a wide variety of options.  And if classes are not available, videos are perfectly fine (just make sure to check your form).

Funny yoga clip

#2 Hit the Trails: I absolutely love hitting the trails.  I personally prefer dirt over concrete any day of the week.  Off-roading is oddly enough more gentle on the body.  Constantly running on concrete beats up the body; plain and simple.  And the road or TT bike is very freeing, but cars are becoming a major problem, everywhere.  Mountain biking is just as fun if not more fun that hitting the road.  I am obviously biased since I have been on the trails for years, but I love the variety of a good singletrack trail.  Not only do you get a good hill workout it, there are obstacles such as rocks and roots, lots of wildlife, off-road folks tend to be more laid back and easy going, and you get an amazing workout from head to toe both on the bike or by foot.  And during the fall months, there a lots of fun runs on the trails, and of course the ever so popular cyclocross.  So if you have not ever hit the dirt, put it on the bucket list.

mtn bike clipTrail head


#3 Slide Board: Most of you are probably confused.  This was a popular activity back in the 80’s and 90’s, but luckily the older gyms still have slide boards and if you play hockey, you might have a clue what I am talking about.  Think fiberglass or smooth plastic surface, bumper guards, and booties.  Put those booties on, get some good posture and start sliding similar to the motion of a speed skater.  Many of you are probably wondering why would one want to do this?  I try to incorporate this into my cross training days.  It works your glutes, quads, hamstrings, hips, abs, lower back and even arms if you do some mountain climbers.  It also gives you power and aids in balance and stability.  It may sound a bit cheesy, but there are many workouts you can do, especially if you throw in timed intervals.  So I challenge you to give it a try if it is an option for you.  I promise, you will sweat…

Slide Board


#4 Stair Tower Training: Huh?  There is a unique type of race gaining popularity during the winter months.  Racing stair cases to the top of towers.  In Omaha we have Trek the Tower (First National Building).  And of course, there is the ever so famous Sears Tower race.  If you love to cross train, like quick bursts of energy, like running and climbing stairs, are not claustrophobic, and want to race in your off-season, this is for you.  And the best part about these races, is they only take minutes to complete.  Since most folks cannot train outside in the winter, many take to stair cases, stair mills, and indoor tracks.

Running stairs


#5 Rest and Relaxation: This is probably my favorite and most important.  We work our bodies really hard when we are in full race and competition mode.  And the one thing we tend to forget is to relax.  This could be doing absolutely nothing, to going to a movie, or my favorite, get a long deserved massage.  If we do not allow our bodies to rest, the muscles never have time to fully repair.  So take an extra day here or there and just chill.

Funny massage clip

This is just my personal list, there are a million other options out there.  But as a triathlete and coach, these are some great tools for the off-season to keep you fit, sane, and give you some variety from the daily grind of swim-bike-run!

Group Triathlon Training

Spring is in the air which for triathletes means training begins! As a triathlon coach, my brain is in full planning and training mode.

With that being said, I am pleased to announce that the 2nd Annual Group Triathlon Training program will be offered this spring at Prairie Life Fitness. Last year was very successful and there is quite a demand for group training. So for those in the Omaha area interested in training with a group, both myself and Stacy Houck will be doing a 12 week training program starting March 14th that will cater to the Omaha Women’s Sprint Triathlon. This is a great group for the novice triathlete, those trying to improve time, or for those that love training with others. The training will consist of everything to get an athlete ready for a USAT sanctioned sprint triathlon: group training, weekly homework, seminars about bike maintenance at Trek Bikes, gait analysis at Red Dirt Running Company, and of course some freebies and discounts from my sponsors. This training will be open to members and non-members of Prairie Life Fitness. For more info and registration, check out:  and scroll down to “Coming-Triathlon Training”

I am really excited to coach this group again and look forward to both the familiar faces and meeting new folks. The more the merrier. So get ready to dust of those bikes, loosen up the legs, hop back in the pool, and get ready for an awesome triathlon season. See you at the gym.


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