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Personal Trainer/Coach Highlight

About a year ago, I decided to help promote my business a bit more by adding my info to various business sites. Recently I was approached to have my Flatlander Tri Coaching and Tennis Coaching highlighted on What an awesome opportunity for more locals to learn about my background, specialties, and passion. If you have a moment, check it out. Honored to be recognized as a top coach/trainer in the Omaha metro.

And just a little plug about my coaching, it is never too late to do a triathlon, increase speed and power, or even learn the awesome game of tennis. If you have questions or ever want any advice or coaching, please do not hesitate to contact me!  I am pretty much available 24/7 and never get tired of talking about fitness, triathlon, tennis, mountain biking, apparel/accessories, injury prevention, weight training, nutrition, etc………….

Courtesy of one of my sponsors, Swiftwick, “Do what moves you”



4th Annual Team Triathlon Training

I am pleased to announce that back by popular demand for a 4th season will  be the triathlon training group I have helped co-train for the past 3 seasons. We are expecting a huge turnout this year and would absolutely love to get some fresh faces.  We are fun, energetic, supportive, strong, active, encouraging, and empowering individuals that create an awesome team environment.  We are also teaming up with some awesome local businesses and products to provide a great experience for every athlete.  And of course, all skills levels are welcome (from the beginner with no swim experience to the podium finisher).  So come one, come all!



12 Week Program

March 19th-June 7th, leading up to the Omaha Women’s Triathlon

Location: Prairie Life Fitness (132nd/Center St) Omaha, NE

Group Class times: Thursday 9:30am or 6:00 pm

Group activity on Saturday and/or Sunday each week

Cost:  $150 members /$175 non-members

Led by:

Heather Dall – Certified Triathlon Coach

Stacy Houck –  Certified Personal Trainer

For inquiries, either post here, or shoot me a message at

Omaha Women's 2014

Top 10 Ways to Build Lean Muscle Fast and Efficiently

As an ambassador for Fit Fluential, I am always looking for inspirational, informative, and new information.  Now that most of us triathletes are in off season, this article seems fitting.  As a coach and trainer myself, these are exactly the suggestions I give to my clients!  So during this off season, get lifting folks!

**I cannot take credit for this article, but agree 100% with these simple and easy rules.

Top Ten Ways to Build Lean Muscle Fast and Efficiently

Forget complicated diets and three-hour gym sessions. Score the sculpted body and toned physique you’ve always wanted by following these better, smarter rules to building lean muscle.


#1 Eat, Eat, Eat

Working a muscle tears the tissue, it then repairs and grows. Muscles need to be fed in order to allow them to grow. Basically you need to eat big to get big. A good balanced lean muscle building diet will allow you to grow without adding fat at the same time.

#2 Increase the Amount of Protein in Your Diet

Muscle = protein. In order for muscle tissue to repair itself after your weight-training sessions it needs an abundance of protein. Some beginners don’t take enough protein and some more experienced guys take ridiculously extreme amounts of protein. So how much protein is enough to supply those hungry muscles? Another good rule of thumb is to take 1 gram of protein for every pound of total body weight. So a 160 lb man would take around 160 grams of protein per day. My favorite sources of protein include:

*Seafood (tilapia, tuna, prawns, salmon) 
*Buffalo *Whey Protein Powder Shakes

#3 Go Heavy

Most people who are trying to build muscle do not use an adequately heavy weight. You should be lifting in the range of 8-12 repetitions per set, performing 3-6 sets per exercise, and using a weight that leads to muscle failure by the end of each set. You should be lifting a weight so heavy that you can’t get more than 12 reps but light enough to allow you to get at least 8 reps. One of the reasons that people exercise with a partner is so that someone is there to help them when the weight gets too heavy to lift with good form. If you don’t have a workout partner, you can simply stop when you get too tired to lift with good form, rest a few seconds, then keep lifting to complete the set. This is a better way to build muscle than using a weight that allows you to comfortably complete a set without reaching muscle failure.

#4 Avoid Too Much Cardio

Cardiovascular work will rob you of muscle gains. Yes if your goal is to lose fat you should do cardio but make sure it is: (a) performed immediately after your weight training (b) a low intensity form of cardio for a maximum of 30 minutes. The reason that too much cardio isn’t desirable when your goal is to build muscle is that too much cardio releases catabolic hormones in the body, breaking down your muscle tissue; obviously this is counter-productive.

#5 Post-Workout

Eat as soon as you can after working out. An intense workout breaks down muscle tissue and depletes stores of muscle glycogen. These need to be replenished rapidly to enhance your recovery and muscle growth. An ideal post-workout meal should include quickly digested carbohydrates and protein. Try blending a banana, whey protein and honey into a shake. The banana and honey provide quick carbs to replenish glycogen, and the protein will accelerate muscle repair. And use skimmed milk, rice milk or water for your shake.

#6 Rest

If you work a muscle too hard, too many days in a row, the muscle fibers will become too damaged to properly repair and grow. To build muscle quickly, you must completely fatigue a muscle group, but then give it time to rest. Typically, a muscle needs at least 72 hours to properly repair from a muscle-building, weight training session. A good rule to follow is to allow for complete absence of soreness in a muscle before working that muscle again. For example, do a shoulder and chest workout on Monday and Thursday, a leg workout on Tuesday and Friday, and a back, arms and abs workout on Wednesday and Saturday.

#7 Recover

While you are resting, be sure to give your body what it needs to properly recover and put the muscles into a state of optimal growth. Activities that can enhance recovery include ice baths or cold showers, compression clothing, massage therapy or foam rolling, stretching, breathing exercises, and adequate sleep.

#8 Drink Plenty of Water

Getting enough water is crucial for peak strength and energy levels; shoot for a gallon of water per day. (Remember you can include your protein shakes towards your daily water intake.) According to research from the September 2008 issue of the “Journal of Applied Physiology,” a powerful testosterone-enhancing supplement is water. The researchers found that inadequate hydration resulted in reduced testosterone response to exercise and increased amounts of cortisol. Cortisol interferes with muscle gain, so limiting cortisol and enhancing testosterone release by drinking water may significantly improve your rate of muscle gain.

#9 Supplementation

Incorporating the right supplements into your fitness program is the best way to burn fat and increase lean muscle tissue. There are many different supplements that promote muscle growth and repair, energy and burning fat, which are key characteristics in effectively increasing and maintaining lean muscle. Some of the most effective supplements to increase lean muscle mass include; whey protein, amino acids, creatine, nitric oxide, beta-alanine and for males Gamma-O natural Testosterone Booster.

#10 De-Stress

High levels of stress can quickly drain testosterone, an anabolic, muscle-building hormone, and increase levels of cortisol, a catabolic, muscle-damaging hormone. If you find yourself at work or school with a constantly high heart rate, moody personality, shallow breaths or high body temperature, it’s likely that you’re too stressed for optimal muscle growth. Teach yourself to relax, breathe deeply and plan out your day to give yourself more time and less stress.

– See more at:

Woman returns to Omaha Triathlon two years after nearly dying there – Live Well Nebraska: Fitness

Woman returns to Omaha Triathlon two years after nearly dying there – Live Well Nebraska: Fitness.


I am proud to be able to share this article written about my client who had a near death experience during a race two years ago.  As her coach, it is an honor to have helped her overcome her fear and tackle the same lake that almost took her life!  Read on.

20 Types of Athletes at an Ironman or any Triathlon (try not to laugh)

A tri friend stumbled across this and I could not resist posting.  Not sure where it originates from, but it is a classic.

will see at an ironman rateyourburn triathlon

Ironmen/triathletes: is one of these you? Let us know below!

1. Guy who is pouring anything he can find on himself to try to wash away the urine that was recently released all over his shorts and legs.

iron man meme sterotype guy who just peed on himse

2. Guy who motions for the crowd to cheer as he approaches on his bike.

I LOVE this guy! His energy and enthusiasm epitomize the spirit of the Ironman. If you don’t cheer for him, you should be banned from spectating (IMO).

guy who likes noise makers ironman stereotypes mem

3. Alien hat guy.

Actually, about 30% of the bikers were wearing these helmets, but they never got old. They are soooo funny lookin’. If you think the drawing below is an exxageration, click here.

ironman i am an aerodynamic alien weird helmet ste

4. Took-as-many-sponges-as-humanly-possible guy.

This guy looks like a stripper tucking dollar bills anywhere they will possibly fit. (For those of you who are unfamiliar: race organizers sometimes hand out cold-water-soaked sponges at certain parts on the course as a way to help cool down the runners)

ironman guy who took every sponge he could possibl

5. Biker guy who throws his water bottle at the fans.

At first I was alarmed, thinking I had done something to offend this person. But then I realized he was just doing a good deed by chucking his empties in a race-spectated area for easier cleanup.

ironman guy who throws water bottle at you memes n

6. Guy running the Ironman with one fucking leg.

There is nothing, other than seeing my brother, that turns me into a psychotic crazy fan than seeing these so-called handicapped people doing things that 99% of “able-bodied” people will never do. I cheered so hard I actually tasted blood (can you rip a vocal cord? Is that possible?)

one leg iron man stereotypes memes rateyourburn pr

7. Biker guy wearing a yellow jersey. 

  1. First of all, he is not winning. Also, his name doesn’t rhyme with Shmance Barmstrong.
  2. Second of all, I’m making a point of this guy because he was the least friendly participant on the course (when I say “he” I am referring to every racer wearing a yellow jersey.) One yellow-jerseyed-man rode directly on the line that spectators are supposed to stand behind, and then shooed us away (a sweep of the hand, like “step back, plebes”) as if we were getting too close to greatness. Whyyy? BTW, there are studies showing that smiling enhances your mood and performance. All of these yellow jersey guys were just kind of …. jerks.*

*If you are friendly and happened to be wearing a yellow jersey, please bring back honor to your yellow-jerseyed peoples by commenting in the section below.

ironman guy wearing a yellow jersey stereotypes me

8. Guy who has turned himself into a human billboard for something comically unrelated to running, biking, or swimming.

Hey, If you run the race, you should wear whatever you feel like wearing! Just make sure there are big printed words so I can cheer you on (“YES! YOU’RE ENDING DIABETES! YAY! JEWS FOR JESUS! SALLY’S CLEANING SERVICE LOOKING GOOD!” If you print it, I will scream it.)

ironman human billboard stereotypes memes nyc tria

9. Guy who printed his name AS LARGE AS POSSIBLE on his uniform.

In doing so, he has announced to me that he enjoys being cheered for, and therefore I will probably pretend to know him…. “PETER oh my God is that really you???!! I have been waiting for you for MY WHOLE LIFE!!” (Yes. I actually do this. It usually goes over well. Usually.)

ironman guy with his name in big letters on his sh

10. NYPD and NYFD guys running with photos of lost friends.

So touching. There’s something about it that gives you that gutteral “proud to be a New Yorker” feeling every time.

ironman nypd nyfd in memory of firemen policemen s

11. The pro who’s curled up vomiting somewhere along course, but won’t take help because he doesn’t want to be disqualified.

There are rules about assisting the participants – if you help people in a certain way it can actually kick them out of the race. I’ve heard amazing stories about people crawling to the finish at Kona, refusing help from anyone.

ironman pro in fetal position on bench worried abo

12. Old guy.

How are you doing this? More importantly, how are you beating my brother?

ironman old guy stereotypes memes nyc triathalon r

13. Pro women.

I was BLOWN AWAY by these ladies. The top female competitors were incredibly close to the top men. They. Were. Killing. It. Major props to these rockstar fembots showing all of womankind that we are in it to win it. I got chills.

woman winner nyc ironman stereotypes memes rateyou
who run the world girls ironman triathalon rateyou

14. Guy who bought a nice new white spandex unitard and shaved all of his extremities.

Except his ass crack. Which you could see clearly through his white shorts.

ironman guy wearing white outfit who shaved everyt

15. Fat guy.

I go wild for the fat guy. He’s doing this Ironman just like the rest of them, but he’s sometimes carrying almost an entire additional person’s worth of weight on his frame. The epitome of “no excuses”. Super inspiring.

ironman fat guy stereotypes memes nyc triathalon r

16. Hottest chick I’ve ever seen.

This one is actually drawn directly after a woman who was running the race with a turquoise top (anyone who spectated will remember her, she was basically the picture of fitness). She had a nasty bod and her hair was in these cool braid things. She, too, was beating my brother. Girl was crushing it. Plus she always smiled at the fans.

girl with sickest body ever ironman triathalon ste

17. Guy who lost like 30 pounds training for the race (and was normal-size to begin with) and you barely recognize him when he runs by.

Ironman training = major calorie deficiency. Really hard to keep weight on.

guy who lost 40 pounds training for the ironman an

18. Guy who looks like he just got flour-bombed with sunscreen.

ironman guy who just got flourbombed with sunscree

19. Super triumphant guy.

His joy is infectious, especially as he crosses the finish.

I am an ironman happiest day of his life first tim

20. Superman.

AKA my brother. Because despite the fact that the “peeing on himself” guy may have been loosely entirely based off of him, or the fact that the old guy and the hot girl beat him or that he didn’t finish sub-11 hours like he wanted to, this guy continues to be my hero in every sense of the word. Being an ironman? Cool. Being a better big brother than any other big brother of time? Way cooler.*

*Would like to note that he is currently tied with my other big brother for the “best big brother of time” award.

super brother iron man race memes stereotypes rate

Welcome to race season!

It has been a slow transition from winter to spring, but spring seems to finally be here.  And if spring is here to stay for a while, so is training and race season.  I have been meaning to recap the last few weeks, but am finally making the time now that my kids are on summer vacation.

Girls on the Run:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   This was the first season for my 2nd grader who just turned 8 to give Girls on the Run a try.  She is not a real sporty kid-prefers artwork, books, t.v. and the occasional bike ride, but she wanted to try running like I do.  All I can say is success!  The girls met twice a week at school and not only ran, but did team building, self-esteem, and mentored one another.  We drove down two weekends ago to Lincoln, Nebraska for the state GOTR event.  It was definitely a bit overwhelming with almost 2000 girls, but between the face paint, hair dye, team shirts, race bibs, and friends all around my daughter had a great experience.  And she exceeded my expectations by shaving time off her 5K, only walked at the water stops, and even sprinted to the finish.  And now she is begging to do some fun runs this summer.  As a coach and mother, I am very proud of her and cannot wait until next year.

Ella before the Girls on the Run 5K

Ella before the Girls on the Run 5K

Lucky Bucket 7K Trail Run:
I am all for fun runs, especially when trails are involved, but I definitely have more of a competitive edge.  I had no expectations at the Lucky Bucket 7k trail run, but was not expecting 1300 individuals with little to no running experience who were rather scared of the extreme trail conditions.  It was obvious rather quickly that most of the folks came out for the free beer which is not my cup of tea.  When I race, I plan to race and then have fun.  This event turned out to be a little bit of running with lots of standing around and hiking.  I have learned my lesson, from now on if I sign up for these races, I will move to the front of the line so I can actually race.  Trail running is super addicting when done right-downhills, uphill, water crossings, and stump jumping is all a part of it.  Lesson learned-be more selective when choosing which trails races to do.  For those in the midwest, check out the GOATz-Greater Omaha Trail Runners (

Kansas City Triathlon:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        This past weekend was my first triathlon of the season!!!!  Or so I thought…  I recruited some of my clients to take the road trip from Omaha to Kansas City to tackle out first triathlon.  Most of my clients signed up for the sprint distance or a team tri, but I was ready for an early season Olympic distance.  I was warned that storms were a possibility all weekend, but watching the radar, thought we might get lucky.  Luck was not in our favor.  Waiting in our wetsuits at the water at 7:30 am, the storm arrived.  The race directors had us wait about 25 minutes to see if the storm would pass, but no such luck.    Lightening, strong waves, wind, and rain stuck around for about an hour.  The race directors made the call to cancel the race.  I am not completely upset that I did not race since I feel my personal training has been lacking a bit thanks to a very long winter.  Some of my clients are ready to throw in the towel and skip racing this season-I am the complete opposite.  I am ready to tackle the tri’s and show them that one cancellation cannot throw me off my game.  What is frustrating is that due to some politics, the Lawrence 5150 was the same day.  They had the same weather, but rather than cancel waited a bit and then did a time trial bike and run.  I sure wish we could have done that, but when it comes to nasty weather, safety has to be a priority.

Some of my Prairie Life clients at the Kansas City Tri!

Some of my Prairie Life clients at the Kansas City Tri!

I may  not have raced, but still had a fun weekend, bonding with some like-minded athletes.  And if anyone needs some motivation, my kids truly made my day when I got home from the race.  They knew I did not get to race, so with a little help from dad, they gave me some special awards:

Special Tri Awards-not exactly sure where the "Crush" came from.

Special Tri Awards-not exactly sure where the “Crush” came from.

I am still in the process of figuring out my race schedule, but will for sure race at HyVee, XTerra BOLT, Wall Lake, and possibly the newly added Clinton Lake, KS 5150 and Branson Half. So keep training and see you at the races!!!!!!!!!!!!

Race Omaha Kick-Off Race Lecture Series

Tomorrow I get to be a keynote speaker at the Race Omaha kick-off lecture series. It has been a while since I spoke in public, but excited to not only promote both of my employers-Red Dirt Running Company, but also Prairie Life where I do my triathlon coaching. So for those lucky enough to live in the Omaha area, stop on by and learn about running, injuries, and injury prevention. Opti running clinic

Stay tuned for an update on how the event goes 🙂


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