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Adios 2014, Bring it 2015!

I must admit, I have been a bit AWOL for the past few months.  Not for lack of trying, but thanks to good old writers block.  But I am back and want to recap 2014.  I promise not to bore anyone with a brag fest about myself, but rather just highlight the high’s and less of the lows of the year.

Excitement number 1 for 2014.  My broken elbow bike injury from 2013 healed up nicely so I decided to hit the year hard.  I started off with a bang by spending way too much money to sign up for the Triple Bypass Ride in Colorado.  As noted in a previous post, my whole training season consisted of riding, riding, riding.  As a result, I did in fact do the ride in July and yes, it was the hardest ride of my life thanks to 3 mountain passes and almost 12,000 feet of elevation.  Since my body was already used to intense training, I decided it was time to do my first 70.3.  I opted for the Pigman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  After having a full year off of triathlons thanks to my elbow recovery, I had no idea what to expect.  With the name alone, I figured it would be a country type race and I was right.  Lake was absolutely beautiful and I found out very quickly during the race that I love 1.2 mile swims in open water.  I am frustrated that I did not push myself more, but did not want to overdue for my first 70.3.  The bike was fine, rolling country hills and less than smooth country highways with a slight breeze.  I have no complaints about the 56 mile bike except it was just boring.  I got spoiled in Colorado with amazing scenery and great company.  But I have no complaints about my ride except legs were a bit heavy from only a week of recovery from Colorado.  And then there is the run.  Started off pretty solid and set a goal of stopping at each water stop on the 90 degree day to get fuel and walk til my hands were empty and then start running again.  This method worked awesome until the turnaround halfway.  My good ol injuries decided to make their appearance and bring some extra unwanted friends.  So for about 6 miles I hopped, hobbled, gimped, walked, and jogged to the finish.  I must say in retrospect, I knew going into this race that a half marathon was not going to be pretty since my IT bands tend to act up at mile six.  But gosh darn it, I finished and can now say I have done a 70.3.  Will I ever do one again or do an official Ironman 70.3?  Maybe, but not quite sure.  My true love is the bike, X-Terra, Olympic distance races, and coaching so not exactly sure what my future holds in store for me.  But at least I went big in 2014.

Pigman 2014


2014 was a very big learning year for me.  I needed some CEU’s for my triathlon coach certification, so rather than do something boring, I decided to expand my current knowledge base.  I was fortunate enough to become Water Safety Instructor Certified (WSI).  It was a long 2 days of classroom and pool instruction, but was well worth it.  I feel like I am a much more proficient swim coach now and it even improved my own swim skills.  Besides WSI, I was very fortunate to partake in IMBA’s Instructor Certification Program (ICP) Level 1 Ride Coach Course.  Thanks to my awesome connections with the Trek Stores in Omaha and Papillion I found out that IMBA was coming to Omaha.  I jumped on this immediately since I knew I wanted my 9 year old daughter to experience DEVO and figured she would want me as a coach.  Plus I am always wanting to improve my own mountain bike skills and have clients who want me to take them out on the mountain bike.  From the minute I walked in the classroom, I knew I was a bit out of my league with Cat 1 racers, elite racers, and two instructors with very impressive bios (former pro downhill racer and a snowboard/ski coach for the US Olympic team).  After 2.5 days of classroom and on the bike training, I was one beat down girl both mentally and physically.  I learned a lot of skills about my own bike skills and had to make a lot of improvements, realized that as much as I love my 1st edition Gary Fisher Sugar GS signed by Fisher personally, my bike is outdated and old school, but I PASSED the class!  Boom, enough said.IMBA Skills-ICPIMBA Course Completion


Moving on, I am very big on giving back in the community.  I try my darndest to volunteer at races and this year I went above and beyond and was not only a lead coach for Omaha DEVO but also for my daughter’s elementary running club.  I have a knack for coaching kids and found it is very stressful, but very fun and rewarding at the same time.  As a tennis coach I know that youth are the future of sports so it is vital to make it fun, get them involved, and learn a few skills at the same time.  I must say the run club was a bit of challenge.  50 girls chatting and picking flowers while running is not ideal, but they ran.  My daughter had a tough season due to foot issues, aka growing pains, but it was still a rewarding experience.  I think both my daughter and I had more fun with DEVO.  Any excuse to get on a bike is good for me.  And there is nothing better than watching little kids rocking the mountain bike, hitting the jumps and berms, and learning how to properly shift and brake on dirt.  It was by far the best volunteer experience I have ever had.  Not to say there were no hurdles and folks butting heads a bit, but the end result was lots of kids having fun on mountain bikes.  Sole SistersDEVODEVO

No summary is not complete without talking about my awesome triathlon clients.  The group I co-lead has grown by leaps and bounds this past year.  I am amazed by the improvements my former clients have made and am extremely impressed by the accomplishments of the new folks.  I have people from every walk of like and this past year is no exception.  I have folks that do not know how to swim at all to those taking the podium in their age group.  I have a unique group of people that tend to train for the shorter distance races such as sprint and Olympic due to work and family obligations, but regardless of the distance, I am extremely impressed by everyone’s hard work, dedication, and commitment to TRIATHLON.  Without my awesome clients, I would not have a job.  I am truly grateful for each and every person and look forward to what will come in 2015.  I plan to have everyone set goals starting tomorrow.  It may be as simple as to finish a triathlon without walking or PR in a race, but whatever their goals may be we will work to make them successful.  I expect this to be a big year in triathlon, especially now that the industry is growing in Omaha and the midwest. If you are at a race, keep an eye out for my awesome Prairie Life triathletes!!!

Omaha Women's 2014


No year cannot be complete without thanking those that have helped to support.  I am fortunate at a coach and amateur athlete to have some awesome sponsors, ambassadors, and employment.  Thank you for the support in 2014/2015:

Swiftwick     Rudy Project     FitFluentail     Ride Live be     Prairie Life Fitness     Red Dirt Running Company     Mott’s     Active Ambassadors     TYR Endurance Sport     Vitality Sciences     JUNK Bands     Coeur Sports     Race Omaha      GoTribal     Juice+         

What to take away from 2014 is in order to have a great year, it is about the effort you put into it.  Setting goals early are huge.  Personally and as a coach I am not as big on numbers, gadgets, and all the extra bells and whistles.  Our bodies are the primary machine.  Treat them well, work em hard, challenge them, get outside the comfort zone, and for goodness gracious, just have fun!  If it is not fun, it is not worth doing.  And one thing that I do not mention enough, make sure to involve the family.  Even if they do not have your interests, somehow try to find something you can all do together.  Endurance sports are not for everyone and take a lot of time and training so make sure your support system is there to support you and way possible.  Team support is vital, but family is essential.

So on that note, I bid you a farewell to 2014 from my adventurous family to yours and wish you well in 2015!



Enrich Your Life, Leave A Legacy

Omaha Breakfast event 9-20 (3)

To all my awesome readers, especially those in the Omaha metro, I will be one of 3 keynote speakers telling my fitness, nutrition, and career story at a very casual breakfast event coming up on Saturday September 20th.  Yes we will be talking business, but with a fun spin:  learn how you can have it all…a family, friends, professional fulfillment, and support building your own business centered around helping others…with the good health to enjoy it all!

I would love to have some of you come learn a little, network, and be surrounded by other like minded individuals.  If you have questions, feel free to shoot me a personal message to  All the info/details are listed in the blue tab at the top of this post.

Happy Labor Day!




Americans Making Healthier Food Choices

Yes, this is exciting news folks! I challenge everyone to start making healthier food choices if you have not already done so. For those that struggle, I highly recommend giving Juice Plus a try. Not only does it contain whole fruits and veggies, it comes is flavorful chew form, capsule, or even my favorite-Protein Powder. Not only is it jam packed with fruits and veggies, it helps to keep you healthier. To learn more about ways to add more fruits and veggies to you diet, contact me: or (402) 213-1087

Nutrition Facts

Good info about the nutrition facts for Juice+ capsules (it’s that simple)
For more info, check out:

What’s in your protein powder?

I just came across this article and felt the need to share the info (I cannot take credit for the info). I am slowly learning more and more about nutrition and cannot believe the info available-both good and bad. So to learn more about protein powder, check out this blog:
After reading the article, it made me really start thinking about what my body consumes. I am happy that I chose Juice Plus a year ago. It is good for the body, natural, the protein powder is whole food based, the chews and tablets are just jam packed with fruits and veggies, and the tower garden is a soil free easy way to grow fruits/herbs/veggies for my plate. If you want to learn more about Juice Plus, give me a shout. The attached article helps validate my decision to use and sell Juice Plus!

Wine and Wellness Night

wine and wellness
Calling all Omaha triathletes, runners, cyclists, sport junkies, parents, healthy folk…
I am hosting a fun wine and wellness event this Wednesday evening. Would love to have some of you swing by for a casual night of socializing while learning more about nutrition and what we can do for ourselves to live a healthier life.

Heather wine invite (click on this link to see official invite)


Why Over-The-Counter Multi-Vitamins Do Not Work

fruit-and-vegetable dark backgroundWHY IS JUICE PLUS+ BETTER THAN A MULTI-VITAMIN?

This question comes up frequently and I would like to share with you that in my opinion (and based on scientific research) Juice Plus+ ® is better than multivitamins (manmade, synthetic). Why? Because it contains thousands of phytonutrients (plant vitamins) as found in whole food! I depend on Juice Plus+ ® and my diet of whole foods to provide my body with what it needs. There have just been too many studies showing us the dangers of isolated vitamins; that’s why I don’t take them!
 You will only find six nutrients listed on the label of Juice Plus+ ® capsules. FDA does not use the term RDA anymore, they have changed it to Daily Value (DV). It is important to emphasize that Juice Plus+® is not a formulated multivitamin, it is basically a slightly processed fruit and vegetable food product; if you look at other fruit or vegetable products (raisins, nuts, applesauce, fruit juices etc) you will find that food products carry only one or two nutrient results on the label. Most often the nutrients declared on the label are those which are present at 2% or more of the daily value (DV). I also think that in reviewing the rest of this document, you will see why I don’t feel it is even important to know the actual amounts of vitamins and minerals as found in Juice Plus+ ®. There is so much potentiation of action with the synergistic nature of the thousands of nutrients as found in whole food that even a small amount as found in produce will have much greater impact on the physiology of our body and overall health than those products “fortified” with synthetic B Vitamins.
 You see when you use the word “nutrition” around doctors and dieticians, they tend to think of supplements of isolated vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, etc. in doses high enough to have what many consider to be a drug-like effect on the body. For example, a sick person might be advised to take 6 grams or more of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) – a therapeutic dose. If you want to get that much vitamin C from food, you would have to eat at least 100 oranges. The vitamin C from an orange or two, combined with a little bit of broccoli, kale and spinach, acerola cherries, pineapple and peaches (and more as in Juice Plus+ ®!), etc. would provide what is known as a physiologic amount – in other words, the amount that is normal for our physiology. And food provides all the important co-factors, synergists, flavonoids, enzymes etc. that are so important in helping the nutrient do its job and each one potentiates the action of another.
Juice Plus+ contains physiologic – not therapeutic – amounts of nutrients. Therapeutic doses of nutrients can have adverse side effects and should be monitored by a qualified healthcare practitioner and only subscribed for a short amount of time. Physiologic doses of nutrients; as the amount found in food and in Juice Plus+ presents great benefit without side effects.
 In fact, there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of Medical research studies looking at whether isolated vitamins/antioxidants can reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and most all forms of chronic disease. What they are discovering upon further scrutiny is that many studies have had to be stopped because the cancer levels or heart disease were increasing and the participants were dying (therefore halting the study)!! (see below)

• The Vitamin Myth
Reader’s Digest; November 2007

• Feb 2007: Journal of the American Medical Association found that taking antioxidant vitamins actually increased a person’s risk of dying by up to 16 percent.
• Study by researchers at the Univ. of Washington, May 2007 found that high doses of vitamin E taken over ten years slightly elevated lung cancer risk in smokers.
• National Cancer Institute found that men who took more than one multivitamin daily had a higher risk of prostate cancer than those who took no vitamins!
CONCLUSION: In a total of 47 randomized trials involving almost 181,000 adults, researchers found that taking vitamins A, beta carotene and E, alone or in combination, actually increased a person’s risk of dying by up to 16 percent!

• JAMA. 2005;294:351-358. July 20, 2005
Essential Nutrients: Food or Supplements? Where Should the Emphasis Be?
o “Whole food is the best source of nutrition; not fragmented parts put into multivitamins.”
Alice H. Lichtenstein, DSc; Robert M. Russell, MD

• Here is one of the research articles from Archives of Internal Medicine; Feb 2009 issue………….
o In a study of over 161,000 women who were part of the government-funded Women’s Health Initiative research effort, doctors from 40 centers around the country collected data on multivitamin use. While research shows that people who eat nutrient-rich diets filled with fruits and vegetables have lower rates of heart disease and cancer, it hasn’t been clear whether taking a daily supplement results in a similar benefit.
o After following the women for about eight years, they looked at rates of various cancers and heart problems among the 42 percent of women who were regular multivitamin users, and compared them to those who didn’t take vitamins. The researchers found no evidence of any benefit from multivitamin use in any of 10 categories studied, including no differences in the rate of breast or colon cancer, heart attack, stroke, blood clots or mortality.

There are 10,000+ vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients that work together in each fruit and vegetable. There are usually only 13 vitamins and 115 minerals max in a bottle of multivitamins. What if vitamin # 12 can’t be used by your body without enzyme # 3,472 (which doesn’t happen to be in your bottle of vitamins)? It won’t be very effective, will it?

So which would you rather have floating around your blood stream every day? 20 or 30 fragmented nutrients that someone decided to put into your bottle of multivitamins OR THOUSANDS of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients that have been shown to be bioavailable (reaching the cellular level for protection and reduction of oxidative stress) in each of the 26 fruits, vegetables, grapes and berries found in Juice Plus+ orchard, garden and vineyard powdered produce blends?

18 years of Published Clinical Investigations on Juice Plus+ ® show the following:
  Eleven studies: Juice Plus+ ® delivers key phytonutrients to the body
 Seven studies: Juice Plus+ ® helps reduce oxidative stress (a/w aging and chronic disease)
 Three studies: Juice Plus+ ® helps support healthy immune system
 Two studies: Juice Plus+ ® helps protect and repair DNA
  Five studies: Juice Plus+ ® has positive impact on cardiovascular wellness and reduces homocysteine levels
 One study: Juice Plus+ ® positively impacts markers of systemic inflammation (inflammation is a marker for chronic disease; thus a reduction in measured markers in this study implies reduction in disease risk)!
 One Study: Juice Plus+ improves skin health
 One Study: Juice Plus+ improves periodontal health
 One Study: Juice Plus+ has positive impact on quality of life, cell markers, and life expectancy in ovarian cancer patients.


I am not a nutrition expert, I am just sharing the knowledge I have learned and gathered by being a rep. for Juice Plus.

Heather Dall — 402-213-1087 —

Wellness In A Nutshell

Wellness and Nutrition-This is lengthy, but necessary and fantastic info that everyone should be aware of!

Fat for life picAmerican’s aren’t very healthy
o 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will have cancer
o 1 in 8 American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer
o 27% have cardiovascular disease
o 24% have hypertension
o 33% suffer from arthritis
o 19% are pre-diabetic, 10% are diabetic
Children are unhealthy too
o Cancer kills more children than any other disease
o 1 in 3 children will develop diabetes
o Over 8 million children have asthma – up 232% in the last 30 years
o By age 3, children have developed fatty deposits in their arteries
o By age 12, 70% have developed beginning stages of hardening of the arteries
Obesity is an epidemic
o 45% of US adults are overweight or obese
o ½ of all children will be obese by 2010
For every 40 pounds overweight….
o Heart attack by 360%
o Cancer by 80%
o Type Ii diabetes by 2060%
o High blood pressure by 260%
o Degenerative arthritis by 400%
o Dying by 110%

Why are we so unhealthy?
o Poor food choices
o Not drinking enough water
o Lack of Exercise
o Stressful Lifestyle
o Sleep Deprivation
o Environmental Factors
o View point of “health care”
Health care vs Sick Care
– Focused on treatment instead of prevention

THE GOOD NEWS – 70% of all of these disease processes is preventable through good nutrition. Dr. William Sears, MD, Pediatrician


Ph balance – normal pH is 7.4
o Plant based foods – create a more basic environment – help to maintain normal pH
o Animal proteins and starches – create and acidic environment when digested
– Leaching of Calcium from bones to help maintain pH
Dangers of food processing
o Sugar
4 grams = 1 teaspoon
Average child eats up to 5 lbs of sugar per week
Contains no vitamins, minerals, enzymes, or nutritional value
Shown to contribute to increased inflammation in the body
o Low fat/reduced fat foods
Fats replaced with processed sugars, corn syrup, etc.
o Processed and enriched flour
Used in almost every processed food you buy
Nutritional value severely decreased and glycemic index increased
o Preservatives, additives, and other chemicals
Present even in food we consider “healthy”

Oxidative StressOxidtive Stress
Oxidative Stress and Relationship to disease
o Free Radicals are a byproduct of cellular metabolism
o Added to by environmental stress, emotional stress, and exercise stress
o Left unchecked, can lead to tissue breakdown, inflammation, and eventually disease


Average multivitamin
o 31 total nutrients
o Altered molecular make up
o Abnormally high dosage
o Little to no research to prove effectiveness
o Bioavailability – POOR
Whole Food
o Tens of thousands of phytonutrients and micronutrients
o Antioxidants to combat oxidative stress
o Fiber, water, and other healthy compounds
o Synergistic action of nutrients to promote effectiveness
o Multiple studies proving efficacy
o Bioavailability – EXCELLENT
So…… We don’t have a vitamin deficiency – we have a whole food deficiency.

o Whole Grains
o Nuts
o Beans
o Fruits
o Vegetables

Current recommendations are 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables
o How many did you eat today?
o How many different color families did you have?

Difficulties in getting enough nutrition from fruits and vegetables
o Seasonality
o Cost
o Preparation – time and knowledge
o Dislike – especially children
o Modern growing and harvesting procedures

JUICE PLUS – The next best thing to Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits (7) Vegetables (8) Berries (8)
Apples Kale Blueberries
Peaches Parsley Blackberries
Papaya Beets Raspberries
Pineapple Brocolli Red Currants
Acerola Cherries Cabbage Black Currants
Oranges Tomatoes Bilberries
Cranberries Spinach Elderberries
Carrots Concord Grapes

All are Vine-Ripened, Organic, Juiced and Dried, then encapsulated
Pesticide free and virtually sugar and calorie free

Research Behind Juice Plus

 Nine Clinical Studies Show Juice Plus delivers key phytonutrients that ARE absorbed and utilized by the body
 Three Clinical Studies show Juice Plus helps support a healthy immune system
 Two clinical studies show Juice Plus helps to protect DNA
 Five clinical Studies show Juice Plus positively impact markers of cardiovascular wellness
 Seven clinical studies show Juice Plus helps reduce oxidative stress

Continuing Research – currently ongoing studies
• Periodontal (gum) health
• Pregnancy health
• Endothelial function in insulin-resistant adults
• Oxidative stress due to environmental factors
• Exercise related muscle fatigue
• Systemic inflammation
• Nutritional status, quality of life and markers of cell health in cancer survivors

Juice Plus Children’s Health Study: enables children 4-25 to get Juice Plus absolutely free
After 1 year on Juice Plus, effects demonstrated include….
o 73% eating less fast food
o 62% eating more fruits and vegetables
o 65% fewer doctor visits
o 59% less prescriptions
o 58% less missed school
o 90% care more about health
Cost Benefit
The High Cost of Being Sick
o Celebrex 400mg (arthritis) $1600 per year
o Allegra 180mg (allergies) $ 800 per year
o Zoloft (depression) $ 900 per year
o Lipitor 40mg (cholesterol) $1200 per year
o Ambien 10mg (sleep) $1000 per year
Medical Bills – reduced
Time lost from work – reduced

It is significantly less expensive to prevent disease than to treat it.

Cost of 17 fruits and vegetables (see attachment) vs Cost of Juice Plus — less than $1.39 per day – less than a cup of coffee

Every choice we make is either an investment in our health or subsidizing our illness – Your health and the health of your family IS WORTH $1.39 per day

Juice Plus is the easiest, most effective way to ensure that we are including the antioxidants and phytonutrients from 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains in our diet – EVERY DAY –without exception. Without having to prepare them, clean them, or fight with unwilling children to make it happen. Research has proven the physiological changes that occur in our bodies after supplying it with this increased nutritional density. These changes WILL decrease damage to our tissues and systems which eventually leads to disease.

For more information please contact Heather Dall at
Or check out the website –
Let’s work together to help spread the word about better nutrition!

Nutrition-Part 2 Healthy Choices

I am sure that most of you are on Facebook which means most of you have probably seen a post or two lately about making smart food choices-not fast, cheap, fried, or convenient.  In today’s day and age making smart food choices is getting much more difficult.    I must admit that I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to indulging in poor choices from time to time.  And when I do, my body reacts negatively.  As both an athlete and a parent, I try to make smart food choices to keep my body strong and healthy and to be a role model for my little squirts.  Like I have mentioned before, I am no nutrition expert, but common sense along with research shows that processed foods, fried foods, fast foods, and junk food are bad!!!  With that being, what should a person be eating?  I live by a simple rule, fruits, veggies, lean proteins like chicken and fish, low carbs, and lots of water.  I must say, I am a bit of a proud mom of my son, not only will he experiment with different foods, the picture below shows what he requested for lunch the other day.  I only wish more adults and kids ate this healthy.  Not to say he does not make poor choices (he has a sweet tooth like me 🙂

I am not here to push products, but one thing that I have found not only helps me and my kids to make healthier choices, but has also helped  to stay healthier is Juice Plus.  I have always been a fan of smoothies, protein shakes, and juicing so this product is like a combo of all three giving me my essential vitamins, daily balance of whole fruits and veggies, and curbs my sweet tooth.  If anyone is interested in learning more, please let me know.

So to sum up what everyone should be doing:

  • Whole fruits and veggies
  • Lean protein
  • Low to moderate carbs
  • Greek yogurt/almond milk
  • Water, water, water

What to avoid:

  • Fast food
  • Fried food
  • Processed/boxed meals
  • Refined sugars
  • High fat
  • Regular and diet soda

So do me a favor and take a look in your fridge and food pantry.  See how much unhealthy food you have, purge it and start over with some clean and healthy food!   Starting over is hard at first, but it is a huge step to giving yourself and your family a healthy lifestyle.

Lunch of choice for my 6 year old!!

Lunch of choice for my 6 year old!!


March Is Nutrition Month-Part 1 Supplements

Since March is National Nutrition month I feel it best to touch on some important info not only for triathletes, but also parents with wee ones and everyone else.  Nutrition is vital to every living being, but is often misunderstood, complicated, overlooked, and over/under used.  I am no expert nor do I plan to ever be, but have learned the basics and am still in the learning process as well.  So for part 1, let’s look at daily nutritional supplements  for athletes, specifically triathletes.

The picture posted shows my personal collection of fuel for pre/during/post workouts and races.  I do not necessarily use all of these products, but I try to keep a collection of my favorites on hand for all of my training needs.  I will never tell anyone what specific product to try because every person is different: sweet vs. not so sweet, caffeine vs. no caffeine, gel or drink vs chews…Whenever folks ask what they should be taking, I give a general answer since we are all unique.  Each athlete needs fuel for the pre-workout.  This can consist of essential oils, moderate amounts of carbs and protein, and of course water.  There are quite a few athletes that cannot workout with anything on their stomach and that is perfectly fine if your body can function on empty.  I try to do at least one workout per week with my pre-workout drink without any food both to boost my training and to train my body for race day when I cannot have too much fuel.  During the workout once again depends on what you are doing.  If you are just working out for an hour at the gym, you probably do not need any products besides water.  But when doing long training runs or rides or in race mode (more than 3 hours) fuel is necessary since the body loses the essentials as we sweat them out.  And lastly is probably the most important-the post workout.  If I can give one piece of advice, do not overlook the post-workout supplements.  A common myth is that you only need protein for your post workout, but in all reality, replacing sodium loss and replenishing carbs are important.  Most commonly, people either drink a post workout shake, have a hardboiled egg, or a small meal that consists of chicken, beef, or fish.

Let me remind you, I am not the expert, this is just what my coaching program has taught me along with personal experience.  What I always tell folks when they come to buy product at Red Dirt Running Company is if they do not know what they like to buy a little bit of everything.  Most of the standard supplements do not cost an arm and a leg such as your Hammer, GU, Clif Bar, Chobani, Honey Stinger, grocery store protein powder, fruit, chocolate milk, eggs…It is better to test products out prior to a race.  So next time you are doing a long endurance run or bike, test out some products to see what enhances your performance and allows the body feel its best.

Here is a rough list of what I take daily when training (which is pretty much 7 days a week):

  • Pre: Juice Plus Fruit and Veggies Chews ; Complete Nutrition Buzzerk, Complete Nutrition Mega Shred/Tone/CTS 360; Clif Builder Bar mini or Chobani Yogurt
  • During: Water; Gatorade; GU Gel or Honey Stinger Chews; Salt Tabs (for 3+ hours of training)
  • Post: Complete Nutrition Rezzerect or Protein Shake or Salad with chicken breast

I am not going into my dietary plan, this is strictly my supplement routine.

Good luck with training and adding supplements to your routine.  If you have specific questions about products, give me a shout and I can give you at least my personal opinion. Just know that I love sweeter products (I inherited my dad’s sweet-tooth 🙂

My personal supply of supplements for training

My personal supply of supplements for training

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